12 Websites to Sell Stuff Locally

When you have items that are no longer useful to you, like all those things you found after mustering up the motivation for decluttering, finding a way to sell them locally is smart but can seem confusing. These days, many local selling sites are available to help people sell their unwanted items. No matter where you live, there's an option for you. Here are some of the best websites to sell stuff locally and make some extra cash in the process.

Facebook Marketplace

Most people's go-to website of choice is to use Facebook Marketplace. Facebook makes it super easy to sell anything you no longer deem necessary. There have been issues with selling specific items, such as breast pumps, but overall you can sell just about anything. To see a complete list of what is not allowed to be sold, check out their Commerce Policies page.

I have learned that many scammers are trolling through Facebook Marketplace. If you decide to sell an item, respond carefully to inquiries via Messenger. If they are a scammer, typically, it comes to your Messenger inbox as a direct message, and the user only has an Instagram account. If it is a genuinely interested buyer, the message will come from Marketplace to your Messenger inbox.


eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces. You can list your items for sale and then use the site's search engine to help customers find them. If you want to sell something, the great thing about eBay is that there are many categories to choose from. You can list clothing, furniture, books, toys, and more. So, what's the catch? Unlike other sites, eBay charges both sellers and buyers. You'll pay a small listing fee if you want to sell an item. If you want to buy an item, you'll pay a small fee for the “Buy it Now” option or the “Best Offer” option. eBay is a great website to use if you have an item in high demand.

When selling locally through eBay, you want to make sure that you select the “local pickup” option when creating a listing. To get the answers to any questions, you might have about selling on eBay, check out their Seller Center.

Ebay Online Marketplace is a good option for selling online.


OfferUp is a free app-based marketplace available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. People list their items on their smartphones, and then the app allows them to post them in their and nearby areas. OfferUp is an excellent option if you want to do things from the comfort of your own home. If someone is interested in your item, they can communicate with you directly through the app. You don't have to go anywhere to complete the transaction. OfferUp has a built-in feedback system that's similar to eBay. This is a great way to build your online reputation as a seller.

Another great thing about OfferUp – you can sell almost anything. For a comprehensive look at how to sell with OfferUp, check out their OfferUp Support Page. If you use OfferUp regularly to clear the clutter in your home, they offer a membership program, Promote Plus, for $19.99 per month. This subscription will bump you up on the page and provide more views per day.

Varage Sale

Varage Sale is an online marketplace geared toward people who want to sell their items locally. The site is clean, easy to navigate, and free to sign up. Varage Sale has a friendly vibe and encourages people to meet up and complete the transaction in person. You can list your items for free, and there are no fees for items purchased through the site.

With Varage Sale, a few things set it apart from other websites. One is the reviews. You'll receive reviews from other Varage Sale users as you list your items. You can use these reviews to help you make strategic decisions about your listings. The other thing worth noting about Varage Sale is that it's a great way to find items for sale. To learn all the ins and outs, check out their terms of service page!


Craigslist has been around for a long time and is one of the best places to sell your items locally. The site is free to sign up, and you can list items for free. The downside to selling your items on Craigslist is that it's basically a digital garage sale. You have to deal with the risk of dealing with strangers. There is also no protection against scammers.

Craigslist allows you to make your listings as “private” as you like. You can set up a meeting place where you feel comfortable conducting your transactions. Craigslist is an excellent place to look for items to buy. You can find everything from furniture to cars. You might even be able to find some great deals on rent-to-own items. Craigslist has a great help page if you want to review their information further.

Local Facebook Groups

If you've ever searched for groups on Facebook, you've probably run across a few local area groups. You can search for groups in your area and see if anyone is selling items online that you're interested in purchasing. You'll need to be cautious when meeting people to buy or sell items, but this is a common way people get things locally.

You can also post items for sale or look for items that you need locally. Remember that these groups are public, so people can easily see what you're selling. If you want to keep your sales private, Facebook marketplace is a better option. I like to sell items on my profile page, in a mamas group I'm in, or on Facebook Marketplace. To find a local seller's site in your area, start a search using your location plus “sale” or “garage sale” to see the options available in your area!

Facebook Marketplace is a great asset for selling online


Decluttr is a great place to sell your CDs, DVDs, textbooks, and other collectibles. You can also sell your old cell phones and other electronics. Decluttr buys items in bulk and pays you for them using a prepaid card. If you have items you've been holding onto but aren't sure what to do with, Decluttr is a great option. You don't have to go to a yard sale or organize a garage sale. You can list your items on Decluttr, get paid, and then order a pizza and celebrate the freedom of decluttering.

To review what is allowed and what isn't, you can visit their FAQs page. Decluttr isn't necessarily a local selling website, but it can help you move a lot of clutter quickly and conveniently. Remember that since Decluttr is essentially a reseller, they aren't going to pay you top dollar. But sometimes, the peace of mind of not having to deal with potential buyers is worth the lower amount you will get paid.

Swappa Local

Swappa Local is another online selling site. They charge sellers fees if the product is over $50, but the costs are built into the selling price. Swappa Local lets you set a safe meeting place before listing your item for sale. They also review all submissions before approving them to ensure that only approved items are listed for sale.

Swappa Local is known for selling electronic devices, but all items sold must be in working order. You can not list a locked device or any items that must be repaired. They have a clean look to their site and are relatively easy to work with. You can read all about them here. The biggest downside? The app is only available on Android devices, limiting the number of potential buyers you come across.


When you are finished decluttering and need to sell those clothes, beauty products, shoes, accessories, or pet products, PoshMark is a great option! However, they aren't really a “local” selling site. Even if you connect with a potential buyer in your area, you are still required to ship the product when sold. While this may be a downside, the 70 million users can easily offset that.

Another issue to note is that a lot of professional sellers use PoshMark. So, if you only have a handful of items to sell, you will compete with big “stores” to get your product noticed. Their fees are a little high as well. If selling an item for under $15, the fee is $2.95; if you are selling items for over $15, the fee is 20%. Something to keep in mind when choosing your online store.


Another option for selling clothing online is Vinted. They allow you to sell items without a fee but do not offer a local pickup option. You can arrange for that, but how the Vinted site works is that the buyer must click an “Everything's OK” button once they get the product. They have two days to dispute the sale, and Vinted holds on to the money until the button is clicked.

Vinted charges $.70 per product and a 5% of the purchase price fee. However, the buyer pays that, so any sellers are in the clear! They offer a “bump” feature to push your listing to the top of search results. Rumor has it that their customer service isn't the easiest to deal with if there is an issue with a sale—just something to keep in mind. You can read all about their offering here!


TOYCYCLE is an online database where users exchange toys and games for free. The community is arranged into local groups within a 5-mile radius. They charge a membership fee, but they offer a 60-day trial period, and the price is only $12 per year or $100 for a lifetime membership.

While you won't be exchanging any money, the community is a great place to get free toys as you give free toys. They allow you to set up a pickup location and a window of time that works for you. If you are looking to swap some toys, check out TOYCYCLE.


BookScouter is a great place to list your textbooks and get some cash. Alternatively, you can search for the textbooks you need and find cheap copies. You can then resell the used copies or donate them to a local library or school. If you want to buy textbooks, you can also search BookScouter and find great deals on used textbooks. This is one of those super specific selling sites, so check out their FAQ page for more information.


5Miles is a selling app similar to Facebook Marketplace but tries to be more secure. Anyone who wants to buy or sell on 5Miles must verify their identity. This additional step should deter a lot of scammers. It's free to list on 5Miles, and they only show your listing to people within a five-mile radius of your location.

They also offer a new auction program called 5Miles Dash, where items you list are put up for auction in $1 increments. The bidders have 90 seconds to make a bid on the item. Obviously, if you have some high-ticket things, you won't want to use this option, but it could be fun and help move clutter quickly if used correctly. To read more about 5Miles, check out their help page.

Selling Online can help you make money from your decluttering!


Selling your things locally is a great way to earn money and declutter your home simultaneously. Many different websites will help you sell your items, whether you have books, clothes, home decor, or electronics. You can also use social media to find people who are looking to buy your items.

It is very important to note that you should be very careful when you sell stuff online and meet people to complete the transaction. Always pick a well-lit, busy area when meeting a potential buyer. No matter which website or social media group you use, these websites can help you get your items sold quickly and easily.

If you haven't yet decluttered, you can join the Declutter Boot Camp to get help to get you started. This is an online course that will walk you through some commonly cluttered areas of your home. What is your favorite website to sell stuff locally?

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