The Show Respect Boot Camp

Does Summer have you pulling your hair out with the kids being disrespectful? Here we will work to correct that with the Show Respect Boot Camp!

Gentle parenting, has rules, and consequences, but put more effort into teaching their children what their expectations are and more of an opinion on the day-to-day expectations.

The Show Respect Boot Camp

1- Start First Thing

You want to ensure that you start this boot camp first in the morning.

You do not want to lose your cool with your child. Take a breath and communicate clearly with your child.

2- Be Calm but Confident

3- Know What You are Correcting

You want to be able to correct your children as soon as they show disrespect.

4- Additional Consequences

My first consequence was taking away tablets. If they showed more disrespect, I would send them to their room for a reset.

5- Enforce Respect in their Room

When you get your children into their room, take the time to tell them how they are expected to behave while resetting.

6- Communicate

Each time you correct your child, you must communicate how they were disrespectful.

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