Summer Break Behavior Boot Camp

Are your kids still struggling with bad habits they learned at school? Follow along as I break down what we've done over the past six weeks to get back on track with Summer Break Behavior!

Try to implement the Correcting Bad Behavior and the Show Respect Boot Camp, to get the needed results! We have bounced back and forth between these two boot camps, and our boys are finally getting it together!

Communicate with Your Child

You know how important communication is to your children. When that communication is not received, implement the boot camps to gain your child's attention.

If you follow our boot camps and your kid is responsible for a little bit but then goes back to those unwanted and disrespectful behaviors, start the boot camp again!

Stand Firm

Reward and praise your kids! Point out when your child shares with their siblings. Tell them you appreciate it when they respond with “yes, ma'am.” Reward them with a fun activity.

Reward and Praise

If you have spent countless hours entertaining your children this summer and need a little “me” time without feeling guilty, check out our SAHM Side Hustles post to find a hobby that makes you money.

Consider a Side Hustle

Remember: the learned behaviors you teach your children during the summer SHOULD carry on to the next school year. Your child will know how to be respectful.

Prepare for Next School Year

Boot Camp Mom has given you the tools and paths to take to get your children's behaviors back in shape!

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