Staging Zones

Have you ever heard about staging zones for your home? Having a set location to put pending tasks in will tremendously streamline your homemaker process. 

A staging zone is defined as an intermediate storage area used to gather similar items.

Staging zones simplify the picking up process and help keep pending tasks organized.

There are endless areas to implement a staging zone. Some of the most common ones are:

– Items to go upstairs – Items to go downstairs – Laundry to be washed – Laundry to be put away – Immediate Action Items – Items to be dispersed  – Items to file

What Should the Area Look Like?

You do not need to go out and purchase totes and bins.

How Do I Keep Staging Zones Organized?

Staging areas should not be used as permanent storage.

Your staging zone should be set up most conveniently. Staging zones that take a little longer to go through should not be on the kitchen counter.

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