Side Hustles for SAHMs

Stay-at-home moms NEED a side hustle. They need something to focus on besides their kids 24/7. We will break down what a side hustle is, the benefits, and suggestions to get you started!

A side hustle is a job that brings in extra money beyond one's regular job and primary source of income.

Side hustles can be an endless list. Anything you can think of to make additional income on the side is a side hustle.

– Deliver Food – Grocery Delivery – Ridesharing – Tutoring – Rent your Car – Buy and Resell Things – Cleaning – Laundry Services – Become a Virtual Assistant – Photography

Side Hustle Ideas

Think first about what you enjoy doing. Consider items others DO NOT enjoy, and you might be able to fill the gap for them. Lastly, if you have any areas of expertise, use them!

All moms need a brain break of some form. If you want to find something to focus on, try to make it a hobby that can make you money.

Side Hustle = Hobby That Makes Money

Why did I start to work on this blog?  I needed something to focus on besides my kids every day. Recognizing that the children did not need to be the center of my universe, allowed me to focus on other things.

Self-care will not look the same for everyone.

While some people can work out, go to the spa, or enjoy reading a book to care for themselves, others need to feel significant.

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