Sell Stuff Locally on these Sites

These days, many local selling sites are available to help people sell their unwanted items. No matter where you live, there's an option for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Most people's go-to website of choice is to use Facebook Marketplace.


You can list your items for sale and then use the site's search engine to help customers find them.


OfferUp is a free app-based marketplace available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

Varage Sale

Varage Sale is an online marketplace geared toward people who want to sell their items locally. The site is clean, easy to navigate, and free to sign up.


The downside to selling your items on Craigslist is that it's basically a digital garage sale. You have to deal with the risk of dealing with strangers.

Local Facebook Groups

You can search for groups in your area and see if anyone is selling items online that you're interested in purchasing.

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