SAHM Workload Balance

Are you struggling to keep up with the very demanding day-to-day work that being a SAHM requires? Follow these four phases to help find the workload balance you've missed as a SAHM.

Make a list of your current daily/weekly/monthly responsibilities.

Assess Your Current Workload

Take your list and communicate it with your partner. The number one issue with SAHMs struggling is that they have not directly communicated what they need.

Talk to Your Partner

Outsourcing can help you free up time to get your house in order and save a lot of additional stress knowing that job is handled. I use a grocery delivery service every week.

Consider Outsourcing

Now it's time to get in the right mindset for all the day-to-day tasks. How do we do this? I'm glad you asked!

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Work Ethic Recognize Your Capabilities Remove Yourself

Ultimately, you, the SAHM, are a critical component of your household. Change your perspective and pick yourself up.

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