Every SAHM Needs these 4 Tips

Whether you are trying to decide if you want to be a SAHM or if you are a seasoned SAHM that needs a little help, we've got 4 tips every SAHM needs!

Being a SAHM means your top priority is your family and home. You are the scheduler, the nurse, the cook, the chauffeur, the house cleaner, and the organizer.

Before the play dates and the yoga, get your home in shape! It will streamline your mornings, help with your marriage, and overall let you feel accomplished.

Your Home is Your Domain

Your home comes first! I check the mail, order supplies, do the laundry, organize the house, tend to the children, cook the food, etc.

Do Not Overschedule

If your home is not in order, you shouldn't be out galavanting around town. Now, if your child needs to go and burn energy or if you already have a play date scheduled, that's fine.

Declutter the Entire House

This is a simple process to remove the unnecessary items from your home. I suggest you read my post about What is Decluttering.

Take Time to Play

Take the big jobs to get your home in shape and break them down into smaller, more manageable tasks.

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