Revamp Your Morning Routine

As a SAHM, the next part of your day should be prepping for your child's day. Follow along with the Boot Camp Mom as I outline how to revamp your morning routine!

Tailor Your Morning Routine for You!

Please feel free to switch any items around so that they tailor to your day.

Pick Up and Prep Work

After the boys sit down with their food, I start the following processes to get my house ready for the day ahead:

Clean the Kitchen

Start as Far Away From the Sink as Possible Store Leftovers Wash the Dishes Clean the Counters

Pick-Up the Kids Rooms

While you are in your child's room getting their clothes ready, go ahead and pick up their room from the night before.

Plan Dinner

While I am hustling around the house to get ready for the day, I always plan out what we will be having for dinner.

Use Your Calendar

Everyone in my family knows that if I don't put it on my calendar, I will not remember it.

Revamping your morning routine is a simple process that can make a huge difference in your mornings!

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