There is Power in Praising Your Kids

Celebrating the successes and efforts of your children in the form of praise can quickly become second nature when you start to implement it in your household.

There are multiple benefits associated with praising your kids.

Praise is essentially a compliment. Praise is defined as “the express warm approval or admiration”.

Be careful how you praise. You do not want to make it weird or awkward for your child. Don't scare them with a big jump and lots of yelling. Speak calmly, clearly, and intentionally.

In my boot camps, I discuss having a list of character traits and their definitions ready when implementing a correction or offering praise.

Focus on your child's overall character. What do you want to instill?

Praise doesn't have to be verbal. Implement hand signals when you find yourself in a situation where you can not verbally praise your kids.

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