Organizing Baseball Caps

We are going to break down all of the things when it comes to organizing baseball caps!

Before diving into organizing your caps, take a moment to assess your collection.

Sort your caps into categories – by color, team, or style.

– Wall-mounted cap racks – Over-the-door cap holders – Clear plastic bins or dividers – Drawer dividers – DIY cap storage solutions (e.g., shower curtain rings and hangers) – Hat boxes – Display your collection on a bookcase or wall

Choose Your Organization Method

To ensure your caps retain their shape and look great, always store them in a way that prevents crushing or folding.

To keep your collection fresh and give all your caps a chance to shine, rotate them regularly. This will also help you rediscover old favorites and ensure you wear all your caps evenly.

To keep your caps looking their best, conduct regular maintenance. Wipe them down with a damp cloth or use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust.

Hang 'em Up Cap racks to the rescue Shelf storage Drawer dividers DIY cap storage Hat boxes Display your collection

How to Store Baseball Hats

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