How to Organize Workout Clothes

What is the best way to organize workout clothes? Follow along, and we will give you all the tips you need for how to organize workout clothes!

To Hang or Fold Workout Clothes?

The types of fabrics that are used in athletic clothes are best maintained when they are hung.

How to Fold Sports Bras

When folded, sports bras can be stored in a drawer in a “file” position. Think of it as if there were hanging file folders, but they're sports bras.

How to Fold Leggings

This folding method can work for how to fold running shorts or how to fold athletic shorts.

Organize Workout Clothes in Drawers

If storing your gym clothes in your dresser, you should aim to fold them so they can be “filed” into your dresser. If you need to use drawer dividers to separate the items, you can.

When folded, athletic clothes can take up a lot of space. However, with a few adjustments to your folding process, you can have a nice and tidy workout drawer in your dresser!

If you choose to hang your workout clothes, check into thin, black hangers. These will allow you to take up less space and keep your clothes on the hanger with their velvet covering.

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