Organize and Store Old Photos

The very first thing to consider when you want to organize your old family photos is to decide what you want to do with them. For real. Do you want them to be organized and stored for safekeeping?

If you want to keep your photos for future generations but don't necessarily want them out in the house, I would look at storage box options.

If you want to display as many photos in your home as possible, you will want to sort your photos by size—a stack of 4×6, a stack of 5×7, and a stack of 8×10. Next, gather all of your picture frames.

If you don't want to box your pictures up, and you don't want to display them throughout your home, but you want to keep them, then you may be a good candidate for photo albums or scrapbooking.

A good lens is likely to outlive your camera body because good optics are not prone to obsolescence like your fast advancing electronic hardware.

If you have old photo albums that still work but aren't so easy on the eyes in your home, you can recover them to match your decor.

By determining how to store old photos, whether that's out of sight, on display, or in photo albums, you will know what path to take when sorting your photos.

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