How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter

You may not need to get rid of the sentimental items if you declutter the rest of your house; or if you repurpose the sentimental items.

Option 1 – Make a Keepsake Box

Do not get carried away and put ALL of the sentimental items in totes in the attic or garage. Ask yourself if you genuinely need or want the item.

Option 2 – Use as Home Decor

Personally, if an item is deemed sentimental and a must-keep, it should be on display in your home.

Option 3 – Repurpose

You can come up with many ideas to repurpose an item you don't have the space for but want to hold on to the memories.

Hereditary Hoarding

I am not calling you a hoarder – I simply want to point out that you may be holding onto things because that is how you were raised.

Getting Rid of Childhood Memorabilia

Keep the beloved toys of your kids – but do not let that thought cripple you in your decluttering process.

Letting Go of Sentimental Things

Remember, if everything is sentimental, then really nothing is sentimental.

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