How to Declutter Toys

Do not let the stress of hurting someone's feelings potentially stop you from purging the toys.

Donating toys is beneficial not only for your home but also for your heart. Any new toys or gently used toys can be donated to some amazing charities that help kids throughout the year.

Find Lost Toys or Broken Pieces

When you declutter toys the right way, you'll find all those lost toys.

If you sell some of the toys as you declutter, you can put a little extra money in your pocket.

You cannot declutter your children's toys in 10-15 minutes a day. Block out a 2-5 hour window to get your home back in shape.

Map out how you want the room to be. Check out all the big toys and storage items to see what you want to keep or toss and decide what can be repurposed.

Grab your supplies.

While the process of decluttering toys can seem daunting, it's really not.

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