How to Declutter Photos

There are two ways to declutter your photos. One method is to switch to digital storage, the other is to declutter and organize.

Method 1 – Switch to Digital Storage

Switching your photos to digital is the ultimate decluttering method for old photos!

– Use a Scanner App on Your    Phone – Use a Scanner – Take a Picture

Step 1 – Decide How to Go Digital

– Gather all of your photos – Sort by event – Sort by type  – Start digitizing your photos

Step 2 – Sort Your Photographs

Method 2 – Declutter and Organize

Step 2 – Sort By Year or Event or Person

Do you need to access them, or will they be put in storage containers? 

Don't cut corners here! You've done the hard work of sorting and decluttering, so don't allow yourself to quit when it comes to putting them away.

Step 3: Organize Photos and Clean Up

Whichever method works for you, don't stop halfway through! Pictures are one of those great things you can declutter.

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