Go-Bags: The Secret Weapon

Let me walk you through the magic of Go-Bags – what they are, why they're essential for every busy mom, and how to create the perfect one for each of your child's activities.

What is a Go-Bag, you ask? Picture this: a bag that's always packed and ready to go: Soccer practice? Grab the soccer Go-Bag!

Rather than always running and always hunting for your child's gear, you will know where it is. Every. Single. Time.

Benefits of the Go-Bags for Moms:

Always Prepared Less Stress Streamlined Mornings Easy Maintenance

Pick a durable, easy-to-carry bag for each activity. Try to choose different colors or patterns to distinguish between them easily.

Choose Your Bags

For each activity, create a list of all the essentials your child will need. Think uniforms, gear, snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, band-aids,etc.

Create a staging zone in your home where all the Go-Bags live. This will help ensure they're always in the same spot, ready for action!

After each activity, wash and replenish any used items. I create a separate stack for each activity, and when the laundry is done, I immediately put their gear back in their bags.

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