Decluttering Your Garage

The garage. Everyone's ultimate catch-all room. Even the thought of decluttering the garage can intimidate and deter the most organized people.

Benefits for you to consider when starting your journey:  – ensures you have the energy to complete the job.  – storage space.  – sense of accomplishment

Preparation is key to any big task that you plan to tackle. Decluttering your garage is no different.

Gather Your Supplies

– Giant Trash Bags – Empty boxes/totes/bins – Step Ladder – Note pad/note on your phone – Broom/Dust Pan – Rags – Music – Water

Before starting the garage decluttering, you will want to plan how you want the garage to look. If needed, map out your ideas on a piece of paper.

Make a Plan

Consider what you have in your garage and if you will need help to move those items. Then, schedule a time to tackle the garage.

Block Out Time

The first step is getting rid of the oversized items in your garage that you know you no longer need. After you have sorted all the items in your garage, it's time to put them back in an orderly way.

Now we need to get rid of anything you decided you no longer needed or items that no longer required to be in the garage.

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