How to Declutter Craft Supplies

I want to start by making it known that I am NOT A CRAFTER. I do not claim to be crafty, and it's actually pretty comical when I try. However, I am good at decluttering and organizing, no matter the items.

Ideally, you should see if you can return anything unused, and if you can't, ask yourself logically if you will use them again. If the answer is no – get rid of it!

Prior to starting your decluttering craft room journey, let's make a plan for how and where you want your crafts to be stored.

Do not try to declutter your craft room “when you get time.” The process of decluttering is much easier and faster when you take the initial steps to dedicate time to the project.

When starting to declutter, I like to pick a corner and go through everything in that area. This means that you need to take everything out!

As you pull supplies out of their containers, sort them by type. Have a trash bag (or five) ready for all items you deem no longer necessary for your crafting journey.

I can not stress enough that decluttering and organizing are two separate projects. The first step is to declutter, just as I've outlined it in this post.

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