Declutter Shoes Quickly and Easily

Shoes are definitely a staple for humanity. They can easily become an obsession for some. we have a simple guide on how to declutter shoes for you! Let's get started!

Shoes are Bulky

By decluttering shoes, you are eliminating the excess shoes and creating more space for the go-tos that you need to keep.

Shoes Can Be Uncomfortable

Go ahead and eliminate the uncomfortable shoes from your collection.

Step 1 – Take All of the Shoes Out

Make sure to grab ALL of your shoes – not just the ones in your closet.

Step 2 – Sort Out Your Favorites

This will allow you to know which shoes need to be easily accessible when you go to put them back.

Step 3 – Toss the Unworn and Uncomfortable

Step 4 – Decide to Trash or Sell/Donate

Decide what you can sell or donate, and which shoes are a lost cause and need to be trashed.

Step 5 – Put the Keepers Back

Your go-to shoes need to be the easiest to access and the easiest to put away. Make sure you can get to them and put them back on a daily basis.

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