Steps to Conquer the Day as a SAHM

If your day starts hectic and with zero control, you've got to change it up. If chaos is your weakness and routine is your problem, then this is for you!

Step 1: Change Your Perspective

We must have pride in what we do. That means when you are doing the dishes, or laundry.  Your perspective matters!

Step 2: Set Your Alarm

Alone time in the morning is crucial to get your head in the game for the rest of what the day will throw at you.

Step 3: Get Dressed

I highly recommend having more days where you get dressed than not.

Step 4: Time to Work

The SAHM job description is constantly changing. Some days we might be a chauffeur, others a soccer coach, a teacher, and everything in between.

I understand that doing the dishes every day for the rest of your life can seem daunting. There is zero beauty in scrubbing a toilet. But the job still has to get done, right?

If you are starting your days as a SAHM by chasing your tail from the get-go, I highly recommend you implement these four steps to set you up to conquer the day.

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