Closet Organizing Tips for Beginners

Whether you want to know how to organize your closet by category or if you've started the organization process and are stuck on where to put certain items, I've got you!

Where to Begin

It is essential to note that you must declutter your closet before setting up closet systems.

Make a Plan

Stand in your closet and look around. Where do you have issues with the current setup that you have?

How to Organize the Closet

There isn't just one best way to organize a closet. Instead, it's a combination of ideas, needs, and products.

How to Hang Clothes in Your Closet

According to the experts, you should have a system for your hanging space. Ideally, you want to use proper hangers for certain clothes.

How to Arrange a Closet

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to be able to access any items that you frequently wear easily.

How to Categorize Clothes

You want to have a section for sweatshirts, another for sundresses, and a spot for your belts. Think about your wardrobe and the different categories they fit into.

Organize Your Shoes

Instead of cramming your shoes into a small space, you should find a way to organize them, so they take up less room.

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