Boot Camp Moms Toy Organization

A Peek Into

As promised – let's take a peek at my toy organization! It is NOT perfect, and that's ok. I take pride that my kids' toys are organized, and that fact alone gives me peace of mind.

Our frequently played with items are held in some organization bins that I got off of Amazon.

Organization Bins

I clean up the toys every night. I can not go to sleep without them picked up. I have my kids help pick up and put away, as well as me and my husband.

Daily Pick Up

We store items that are more crafty and aren't necessarily played with every day.

Additional Storage

here are times that I do not make the kids pick up the toys they got out. My kids love to line toys up or make big tracks around the house. They put a lot of effort into their “lines”.

Exceptions to the Pick Up Rules

I try to put all of the frequently played with toys in a place with easy access.

Toys can be overwhelming for a lot of parents. Through this boot camp, you will learn tips and tricks to tackle the toys head-on in a day or two!

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