If you are still in the newborn or toddler stages of motherhood and have scoured the internet to read how to get through this season, sister I feel you. Those stages are rough. I was a mess when I had two boys under 2. It was awful and everyday we were in survival mode. I just had to make it until my parents came over to help. Or, make it until my husband got home. If you are in this stage, know that you are not alone. I tried the majority of parenting tips for newborns and toddlers and I'm here to say that while some of them work for a short period of time, ultimately kids will throw you a curveball and uproot all the work you put in to implement those strategies. That's just how it is. I will not be posting a boot camp for this stage of life. Why? Because that would be impossible! Rather, on this page you will find funny stories about the most difficult times of my parenting journey, as well as some insight into the tools that might help you survive this season (but, with zero promises, because – newborns and toddlers don't work like that).