Side Hustles for SAHMs

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Stay-at-home moms NEED a side hustle. They need something to focus on besides their kids 24/7. Here we will break down what a side hustle is, the benefits of having a side hustle, and lastly, Boot Camp Moms' suggestions to get you started!

What is a Side Hustle?

Simply stated, a side hustle is a job that brings in extra money beyond one's regular job and primary source of income. While moms of newborns and toddlers may not have the time for a successful side hustle, once you get out of the potty training stage, a side hustle can add value to your day. Follow along as we dive into the options for a SAHM side hustle!

A Side Hustle can be a Source for Extra Income

Side Hustle Options

Side hustles can be an endless list. Anything you can think of to make additional income on the side is a side hustle. My family focused mainly on online options. I needed something to focus on besides my kids but didn't want anything that would require my time or attention outside the house.

However, there are tons of options that might interest you that are outside of the house. Let's explore those first.

Side Hustles Outside of the Home

If you are looking for an option outside of the home, you can first check with the well-known businesses you can partner with. I've listed a few of them:

  • Deliver Food (Doordash, Grubhub, etc.)
  • Grocery Delivery (Walmart, Target, etc.)
  • Ridesharing (Uber, Lyft)
Well-Known Businesses for a Side Hustle are a Good Place to Start

There are additional options that could be a hybrid of in-home and out-of-home. Check these out:

This is not an all-inclusive list. The goal here is to give you some ideas and see if any of them resonate with you. Think first about what you enjoy doing. Consider items others DO NOT enjoy, and you might be able to fill the gap for them. Lastly, if you have any areas of expertise, use them! A side hustle does not have to fit into anyone else's mold. All it needs to do is provide extra income for you in a way that benefits your family and is something you will enjoy doing!

Offering a Laundry Service out of Your Home Can Add Extra Income

Side Hustles Inside the Home

As stated, I needed a side hustle that would be available inside our home. My children are my number one priority, and I didn't want to take time out of the house away from them. I looked at numerous options before starting my blog and Etsy shop. Here are some that I found:

Again, they are not all-inclusive, but these are the options that I researched. Any of these would be great possibilities depending on your writing knowledge or your hustle.

The Majority of Work From Home Side Hustles will be on the Computer

How to Choose

Ultimately, to decide which side hustle might be best for you, you need to know your goals. Consider the following questions when deciding:

  • How quickly do I need to make money?
  • How much money do I need/want to make?
  • Do I want to/can I work outside the home?
  • Can I manage to work from home?

If you need money right now and can work outside the house, delivery driving and pet/babysitting may be the best bet. Or, if you can't work outside the home but need money quickly, you should probably look at being a virtual assistant or starting an Etsy shop. If you can wait to make the extra money and want to find something to work on, a blog might be what you're looking for!

You will need to evaluate where you are currently in your life and where you need/want to be. Once you figure that out, picking a side hustle will be much easier!

Side Hustle = Hobby That Makes Money

I realized that my kids, now 6 and 4, did not need a helicopter mom when we were home. In public, yes, because we all know you can't trust anyone, but at home, in a place where they know their boundaries, where you see where any items are that might harm them, you do not have to be looking over them every second that they are awake.

Insert finding a hobby! All moms need a brain break of some form. If you want to find something to focus on, try to make it a hobby that can make you money.

My Reasons for Finding a Side Hustle

We are incredibly blessed that I get to stay home to raise our children and we do not feel financially stressed. So, why did I start to work on this blog? I needed something to focus on besides my kids every day. Recognizing that the children did not need to be the center of my universe, allowed me to focus on other things besides playing with and monitoring them all day.

When children are newborns and toddlers, you can not take a minute to yourself as a SAHM. Your time is spent exclusively making sure that those tiny humans are watched every moment of every day. You are constantly reminded of how much time you need to spend interacting with your children to help their brain development, teach them everything, and ensure that their behavior is where it should be.

It's exhausting, isn't it?

Motherhood: While Rewarding, it can be Exhausting at Times

Self-Care is Different for Everyone

Every mom blog will talk about self-care. You will see countless articles about how going to the spa or getting your workouts are vital to your mental health. While I agree with those statements, they didn't work for me.

I'm not a big gym-goer, so I purchased a Peloton to work out at home. I LOVE my Peloton, and if you ever find a used one for sale, I highly recommend you buy it! Working out is scientifically proven to help your mental state. But – riding my Peloton is not a brain break for me.

Working Out Can Dramatically Improve Your Mental State

It feels good, and I feel powerful when riding, but the boys (especially Bodie) ask me a question every few minutes. This requires me to take my earbuds out, answer their question, and then try to get back into the ride. Not necessarily a stress-free workout at home!

I also love to go to the spa. An hour massage and facial are amazing. HOWEVER, I can only schedule such pampering when I know I will be able to go home and take a nap. Otherwise, I am a zombie for the rest of the day.

Self Care is Different for Everyone

Basically, I am saying that self-care will not look the same for everyone. While some people can work out, go to the spa, or enjoy reading a book to care for themselves, others need to feel significant. While I know I am everything to my kids, that doesn't necessarily fill that void that working once did.

I am a worker. To me, it's relaxing working on the computer and keeping my home in shape more than working out or going to the spa. It's just enough mental stimulation to keep me engaged without taking too much time from the boys.

Why a Blog and Etsy Store are Perfect for Me

Having a blog works for me in two significant ways. First – I have always loved to write. My mom is a retired English teacher, and I was kind of an English nerd (well, all subject nerd) in high school. Writing is such a satisfying way to express yourself. I thoroughly enjoy writing, so picking a side hustle that allows me to do something I love grabbed my attention. Secondly, the blog makes me money. So there is zero mom guilt for being occupied outside the kids' needs.

My Etsy shop was a little harder for me to get started. I'm not artistic or crafty. I can't think of anything I have ever made in my entire life that someone would want to pay money for. But, once I joined the Passive Income Pathways Membership, I began to wonder if I could do it.

I began to take the Etsy Course offered to me and started creating digital products to sell! I've started to enjoy creating things. I know that nothing I have made will make me millions, but with each new product I begin, I feel a little more confident in my design abilities. And the absolute best part about my Etsy shop?? Once I get the listings up, they can provide passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is like the “Ronco Rotisserie Oven” of side hustles. You can just “set it, and forget it!” With passive income, you will need to work hard at the beginning to front-load several products to your shop. However, once those items are listed, you have nothing to do but add more to your shop as you see fit!

The items I focus on in my shop are digital downloads. Meaning, that once I create the product and load the listing on Etsy, it is good to go for anyone to purchase. No shipping. No customization. Just people purchasing the digital products that I produced. This is passive income.

Writing a Blog or Starting an Etsy Store Can Lead to Passive Income

What Was My Close-Third Option?

I got a little overwhelmed and frustrated when I started this blog. No one understood the name Boot Camp Mom, and I wasn't yet able to connect all of the dots concerning SEO, Ads, and Affiliates. I began to take a course on creating PLR.

What is PLR?

PLR, Private Label Rights, can also be referred to as “Done For You” content. Essentially, you create either digital products or blog content for other bloggers to purchase from you. They take the generic product you have created and make it their own to use as they see fit for their audience.

I considered opening a PLR shop since I love writing and have learned to enjoy creating, but I found that I write best when I write in a more personal way. However, if you think you could create content for other bloggers to use, I highly recommend you look into it! If you join the Passive Income Pathways Membership, there is a course included that will show you step-by-step how to open your shop! You would also benefit from taking the Lightning Fast Content Creation course because, in the end, you submit an article to get on the list for other bloggers to contact you to write for them!


A side hustle can be beneficial in multiple ways. You can find a way to make money right now, figure out a new kind of self-care, or awaken a talent you've suppressed since becoming a mom. Finding something else to focus on besides your children is not bad! Think of it as having a hobby that makes you money. Your children need to learn to live without mom hovering over them every second. I chose a blog and an Etsy store, but that was after I asked myself all the questions about a side hustle. Think about you and your life – and make the best decision for your family!

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