Prep Work for the Correcting Bad Behavior Boot Camp

The Correcting Bad Behavior Boot Camp can be very intense. I highly suggest that you follow these steps to make sure you are as prepared as possible!

Identify the Behavior to be Corrected

You want to make sure that you have specific behaviors in mind that you want to correct. This boot camp should not be used to correct multiple bad behaviors at once. Try to break it down so that you know what to look for and are prepared with consequences when you see that behavior from your child. I use several boot camps to fine-tune my kiddos' attitudes throughout the year. So if you are having trouble narrowing it down – pick the most prominent one knowing that you can restart the boot camp for other bad behaviors later.

Identify the Behavior to be Corrected

Decide on the Consequence

Have a predetermined consequence before you start the boot camp. I typically use a reset. A reset is essentially a time-out, but we have adopted the term “reset” to give it a more defined definition for the boys. Now – I know you are not supposed to isolate your child when they are going through their emotions. We focus on communication with the boys and work through issues together daily. But, for this boot camp, I'll be using a reset as an attention-grabbing consequence. Knowing my son's personality, I am optimistic that an extended amount of time in his room will be enough consequence.

Define Your Verbiage

After you have set the behavior you want to correct, you will want to assign the specific verbiage you will use when correcting and praising during the boot camp. I always try to reference whatever character trait it is that I want to instill into my child for them to use in place of the bad behavior. Below are some examples of behaviors with the added character trait:

Character Trait Examples
Language is Learned Behavior

Using new, more complex words with your kids will succeed in intriguing them when you speak.  The new vocabulary will also motivate them to learn a unique trait.  I advise you to be prepared with a definition because you know the “what’s that?” questions will arise! 

Set Your Start Date

Make sure that you have a start date that will work with the boot camp you are doing. For instance, since you are starting a boot camp with a reset as a consequence, then you don't want to implement it when you have a lot of errands or plans. Instead, you would start it when you can be home all day to focus your attention on the boot camp.  

Ready for Boot Camp!

Now that you've prepared yourself and set your date, it's time to begin the boot camp. Remember to breathe throughout the process. Keep in mind that you are doing more challenging work for a shorter period to get faster results from your child. You will both be better for it!

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