Motivating Yourself to Declutter is Easier Than You Think!

I get it. Decluttering is not the #1 item on your to-do list. Not everyone knows where to start when their house is a mess and they need to clear the clutter of their home and life. I don't know WHY you don't have the motivation to get rid of stuff, but I understand that there are people who don't.

While I am a self-proclaimed neat freak who hardly lacks in the “motivation for decluttering” department, I understand that you might need help motivating yourself to declutter. Don't worry; keep reading, and I'll give you all the clutter-clearing motivation you could want or need! Woop Woop! (And, yes, I really am this excited to share ALL of the encouragement to declutter with you!!)

#1 – Decluttering is Fun!

For real!! Think about it, the process of decluttering is simply going through all of your things and finding what you no longer need. During that process, you won't be able to help but go down memory lane! You'll think back to high school, your wedding day, or even that concert you don't talk about anymore… When digging in the back of the closets and cabinets, you never know what you might come across!

But don't worry, you won't have to throw any of your memories away! Anything considered a keepsake can be neatly stored with a label as part of the decluttering method! How AWESOME is that?!?!

#2 – Decluttering is a One-Time Thing!

Say what?!?! I mean – for most people, but yes, it should be a one-time project! Once you muster up the motivation to purge clutter and start decluttering, you won't have to spend time doing it again! You will, however, need to work on not adding new clutter to your home. And, of course, there are those exceptions to the rule, the people who immediately go out and buy new things to put in their homes that they don't need or have room for. But – surely that's not you, right? Right.

#3 – You Can Make Some Extra Money!

One man's trash is another man's treasure – right?! If you need to know how to get motivated to rid of stuff, think about money. If you find a working object you no longer need, can you sell it? Or, do you have too many clothes that you can sell? Either way, by eliminating an item you haven't used in multiple years, you can either profit from it or help someone else. Win-Win!!

Wondering where to sell your stuff? I always begin by seeing if a family member can use it first. That's just how I roll. Then I will list it on my social media and in local moms' groups I am a part of. Usually, I can sell or donate anything through those methods, and there are a ton of websites to sell stuff locally, too. If you can't sell it, don't need it, and don't know where to donate it, trash it. Please do not put it back where you got it from! (This is an essential step!)

Decluttering Can Make You Extra Money

#4 – Work at Your Own Pace!

No one says you must have the motivation to declutter and clean in one day. While I prefer a boot camp method for decluttering, which is a short and intense session, finding the motivation to complete your entire home in 2-3 days isn't necessary. It is possible but not required. I do recommend making a plan for the order you want to declutter.

However, if you are in a hurry, check out my post on How to Declutter Fast. It will get you the immediate results that you need!

#5 – Instant Gratification!

Take everything out, sort it into staging zones, clean the space, and put the keepers back neatly. Rinse and repeat. And – you know what – THAT is instant gratification!! That area or room is done as soon as you finish those simple steps. Finished. How would you need more of a declutter inspiration than that?!? Keep reading if you do (but for real, why do you need more?! Just kidding…Kind of…)

#6 – Settle Arguments!

You know those fights you and your partner have had about a missing possession?! The ones that you absolutely can not find, and you have looked everywhere for?! Guess what – you'll find them! The arguments you had will be a thing of the past, and while I can't make you forgive each other for what was said previously, I know that Jesus says to forgive not seven but seventy-seven times. (Or, you can channel you're inner-Disney Princess and say, “Let it Go, Let it Go…). Either way, be glad you found it!

When creating videos for my Declutter Boot Camp course, I finally found the old iPad we had been looking for since we moved over a year ago! I couldn't believe it. I don't typically need any motivation to declutter my house since my home is pretty organized (shocker…), but once I found that hidden gem, I knew that my decluttering videos were a success! The Ipad was wedged in a top cabinet underneath a cake carrier (like, what? Why?). But I found it! And it settled the argument that I didn't manage to sell it when I downsized before our move. Again, it's a win-win!

#7 – Have a Decluttering Competition!

Reach out to any friend or family member and see if they want to join you in the Declutter Boot Camp! Our online course is all the accountability and declutter motivation you need to get started! We even have a Facebook Group where you can log your times for the areas you complete. I'm not promoting gambling or anything, but maybe you could wager a coffee on it? Not only are you and your friend motivating each other AND getting your home back in shape, but you're ensuring that you'll finally meet up for that coffee you've been talking about for so long…especially when your friend is buying!

I know you have leaned on your friends for motivation before, so why not now? If you lack the motivation to clear the clutter in your home, reach out to them! Also, you can always join my Declutter (and Organize) You Home with the Boot Camp Mom group on Facebook. There is an entire community waiting to support you if you need it!

The Declutter Boot Camp Course guides you through those commonly cluttered areas of your home.
The Declutter Boot Camp

#8 – Two Tasks – One Process!

Sometimes people may feel overwhelmed when considering how to get motivated to clean and declutter. I hear they are worried they will get behind on their cleaning responsibilities. Never fret – you will clean and declutter simultaneously! I know, I know, your MIND is BLOWN! Right?!

Real talk – the decluttering method I use is:

  • Take Everything out
  • Sort Items into Staging Zones
  • Clean the Space
  • Put the Keepers Back Neatly
  • Rinse and Repeat

“Clean the space” is built into the process. You're welcome!

#9 – Start in a Small Area

We hit all of those commonly cluttered areas in the Declutter Boot Camp. Most of them are small spaces, so you can get a feel for decluttering. If you are apprehensive when thinking about decluttering your home, it is always best to start small so you don't get too overwhelmed too quickly.

#10 – Low-Traffic Areas First!

If you are worried about your family undoing your hard work, never fear! You can start in low-traffic areas first. These areas are typically gold mines when it comes to clutter. Think of the garage, attic, hall closet, guest rooms, basements, etc. You more than likely already store a bunch of items in these areas, and that is because they aren't high-traffic areas, right? So, use the same thinking and begin your decluttering in a low-traffic area KNOWING it will not be immediately unorganized. Plus, you will likely find so much clutter!

#11 – You Get to Make a Mess!

Yes indeedy! Step 1 in the decluttering process is to TAKE EVERYTHING OUT! In the Declutter Boot Camp course, I talk about designating areas for items that do not belong in that area. That means – you get to make a huge mess for everything you go through! Now, you will 100% have to clean it up – but the initial mess-making experience is there for the taking!

#12 – You Can Finally Buy Those Cute Storage Bins!

I sincerely ask you NOT to purchase any organizational items until you have decluttered. If you do, you are left to find a place for the bins rather than a bin for the place. Find the motivation to do the decluttering first, but then you are free to buy all of the cute storage bins! The third stage of our Whole Home Organization course will go in-depth into all of the Boot Camp Mom's favorite storage items as well!

Motivation to Declutter

Decluttering is not something to fret over. If you can get motivated to clean your home, you shouldn't have any issues motivating yourself to declutter! Hopefully, my sharing of all the fantastic benefits of decluttering, and revealing how much I love the process, will help you get started cleaning and organizing! Hone into your inner Marie Kondo and just start! If you need a guide, please check out the Declutter Boot Camp. You won't regret it!

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