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Introduction to the Toy Organization Boot Camp

While I have other organizational boot camps, nothing seems as overwhelming as toys! They are everywhere, they are an eyesore, and your kids will likely mess them up right after you’ve finished. Right? Wrong – it doesn’t have to be that way. With our Toy Organization Boot Camp, we will get those toys in order AND teach your kids to keep them that way.

Toy Organization Boot Camp

Children are more than capable of organizing. Organization is simply the structure or arrangement of related or connected items and an efficient and orderly task approach. The definition directs us to create a plan to group similar items together. Children learn to sort at a very young age. Give your child the tools they need, and let them help you!

If you follow this boot camp, you will get the benefit of organized toys, but your children will also learn to appreciate it. Imagine – your children correcting you when you put something in the wrong place or group. It is possible – my children do it all time (well, more to my husband, but it does happen)!

What to Expect with the Toy Organization Boot Camp

This Boot Camp is intended to be completed in 1-2 days. This may seem aggressive, but I assure you that it is more than possible if you follow the prep work and the boot camp. Remember, boot camps are short and intense times of work. My intention is not to help you by taking up days or weeks of your time. It would be best if you didn't organize your toys for over a month. Why? Because likely, you will stop partway through, and there are zero benefits to that.

I will share with you actual pictures of the toys in my house, how they look each night, and what I utilize to make it all work. I will also break down parenting tactics to get and keep your children involved.

Are you Ready?

I'm so glad you are here – I'm excited for you to get those toys back in shape! First, we need to get our prep work done. We never want to start a project unprepared! I'll meet you at the Prep Work for the Toy Organization Boot Camp.

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