How to Stay Motivated as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

Hey there, lovely stay-at-home moms! Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, juggling endless tasks and feeling burnt out? Well, let me tell you – you are not alone! We've all been there, and I've got some tips and tricks to help you get your mojo back.

Being a stay-at-home mom is no easy feat, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. That's why it's important to take care of yourself and stay motivated, even on those days when you'd rather hide under the covers with a tub of ice cream.

So, sit down, take a deep breath, and get ready to be inspired. From decluttering your space to finding time for self-care, I've got the ultimate list of how to stay motivated as a stay-at-home mom. You've got this, mama – let's do it together!

Ways to Stay Motivated

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are my absolute favorite ways to stay motivated. Being at home and always on duty can be exhausting. However, we can take steps to alleviate some of the exhaustion as our children get older (moms of newborns you do you. That is a hard season! And, if no one has told you lately, you're doing a fantastic job!).

Find the Workload Balance

If you and your partner struggle to get into a rhythm or a routine for your household, it's time to discuss the workload balance. You can read more about it here, but the gist of it is:

  • Talk to your partner about where and how you need help. They are not mind readers – and likely are walking on eggshells already if you handle being overwhelmed anything like I do.
  • Make a list. Have you and your partner make a list of tasks you do not want to be in charge of. This will help you both see where you can help the other by taking on those tasks.
  • Create a signal. If you decide to give up a task, but your partner wouldn't normally know that it needs to be completed, you should designate a signal to let them know.
  • Set a follow-up “meeting.” designate a time to review the progress you've made with your workload balance and any areas that need to be tweaked.

I know, talking about these things can seem like the last thing that will help, but trust me. communication is key – and if you go in with a plan, it will be easy peasy!

Communicating with your partner to finding a workload balance is a great start!

Declutter your Home

“Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care.”

Emma Sheib

Ladies, let's talk about decluttering. I know, I know – it's not the most exciting topic. But hear me out: decluttering your home can be a game changer for staying motivated as a stay-at-home mom.

Here's the thing: when you're surrounded by clutter, it can be overwhelming. You walk into a room and see toys on the floor, laundry piled up, and random items scattered everywhere. It's like your brain can't even process where to start. And that's when the guilt and frustration set in. But here's the good news: you don't have to live like that. Decluttering your home can be the first step in a journey toward a more organized and fulfilling life. And the best part? Once you declutter your home, maintaining it becomes a whole lot easier.

Think of it like starting with a clean slate. You can finally see what you have, what you need, and what you don't. You can create systems that work for you and your family and eliminate anything that doesn't serve a purpose. Suddenly, you'll find yourself with more time and energy to focus on the things that really matter – like spending time with your kids or pursuing your passions.

Implement Staging Zones

Staging zones are essentially designated areas in your home where you can temporarily store things that must be put away or dealt with later. For example, a staging zone could be a basket or bin near the front door where you can toss shoes, jackets, and bags when you come in from outside. Or, it could be a designated spot on the kitchen counter where you can pile up mail, paperwork, and other random items that need your attention.

So, why are staging zones so awesome for stay-at-home moms? For starters, they can help you stay organized and on top of things. Instead of feeling like you're constantly running from room to room, putting things away, you can consolidate everything into a few designated areas. This can help you feel more in control of your home and your time.

Another benefit? Teach your family where the staging zones in your home are and how they can help you keep them in order and disperse them as needed. It's a win-win!

Implementing staging zones can help keep your home in shape!

Wake Up Early

First and foremost, waking up early gives you a head start on your day. Instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed right from the get-go, you can take some time to ease into your day and set the tone for a productive and positive day. Use this time to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, read a book, or do some exercise – whatever helps you feel energized and ready to tackle the day.

Another benefit of waking up early is giving you more time to care for yourself. When you're a stay-at-home mom, it's easy to put your own needs on the back burner in favor of taking care of your family. But by waking up early, you can carve out some time to do something that's just for you, whether it's a workout, a yoga class, or simply taking a relaxing bath. This can help you feel more centered and motivated throughout the day.

Waking up early can help you establish a sense of routine and structure in your day. When you have a set time to wake up and start your day, it can help you feel more in control and organized. This, in turn, can help you stay motivated to tackle your to-do list and take care of your family.

Consider Age Appropriate Chores

Okay, let's start with the basics. If you're not already assigning age-appropriate chores to your little ones, then it's time to get started! Not only will it help you lighten your load, but it's also a great way to teach your kids some important life skills. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • 2-3-year-olds can do simple tasks like putting away toys, helping set the table and picking up small messes are a great start.
  • 4-5-year-olds, you can introduce tasks like folding laundry, dusting surfaces and helping to prepare simple meals or snacks.
  • 6-7-year-olds can take on more responsibility by cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming or sweeping floors, and even helping to plan meals or grocery lists.
  • 8-9-year-olds can handle even more complex tasks like washing dishes, doing laundry, and helping with yard work.
  • 10-12-year-olds can become little bosses by taking on tasks like cooking meals, mowing the lawn, and even doing basic home repairs.

Don't forget to download my free chore chart to make it easy to keep track of who's doing what!

Download a chore list to keep your kids on task!

Look at Your Blessings

Let's face it, being a stay-at-home mom can be a tough gig sometimes. But it's important to take a step back and appreciate all the blessings in your life. Your kids, family, and home are all things to be grateful for! So, take a moment each day to appreciate the little things. Whether it's cuddling up with your kids on the couch, baking cookies with them in the kitchen, or simply enjoying the smell of fresh flowers in your home, these little moments can be incredibly motivating and uplifting.

And don't forget to reach out to your support system when needed. Whether it's a phone call with your mom or a chat with your best friend, it's important to have people in your corner who can help you stay motivated and energized.

Find a Side Hustle

If you're looking for a way to earn some extra income or pursue a passion project, then starting a side hustle might just be the answer! Blogging, creating digital products, or even starting a small business are all great options to consider. Just make sure to find something that aligns with your interests and fits within your schedule. And remember, starting a side hustle does require some effort and time, but with some dedication and perseverance, you can turn it into a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.

Understanding Your Motivations

As a stay-at-home mom, it can be tough to stay motivated sometimes. That's why it's important to understand your motivations and remind yourself of them regularly. Whether it's spending quality time with your kids, pursuing a hobby, or simply having a sense of purpose, make sure to keep your motivations front and center in your mind. And don't be afraid to make adjustments as needed – your motivations may change over time, and that's okay!

I sometimes think about all of the things I am thankful for to help ease my mind when I am feeling unmotivated. Such as, not paying for childcare, not missing the little moments, and the opportunity to take a nap. The smallest things can change your outlook!

Setting Realistic Goals

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the endless tasks of motherhood, but setting realistic goals can help you stay focused and motivated. Break down your bigger goals into smaller, achievable tasks (you know, like a boot camp…). This way, you can feel a sense of accomplishment as you complete each task, which will keep you motivated to tackle the next one.

Make sure to be honest with yourself about what you can realistically accomplish. Over-ambitious goals can discourage you, so be mindful of your energy level and priorities. Celebrate your progress along the way too! Instead of solely focusing on the end goal, appreciate the small wins and progress you've made.

Setting realistic goals, and celebrating the small wins will help keep you motivated.

Creating a Routine

Creating a routine can be a game-changer in your life as a stay-at-home mom. Identify your priorities and build a routine around them. Be flexible and adaptable – things happen, and you must adjust accordingly. Find a routine that works for you and your family, and don't be afraid to ask for help or support when needed.

When creating a routine, I like to focus on the most important things that must be completed on time. Whether that's a wake-up time on school days, when we head to the bus stop, or when we start getting dressed for swim lessons. I take the tasks that are the most common and time-sensitive to start building our routine. And our routine changes with the seasons.

Taking Care of Yourself

Ladies, it's time to prioritize self-care. I know, I know, easier said than done. But trust me, taking a few minutes each day to do something that brings you joy or relaxation is worth it. Whether it's reading a book, taking a bath, or going for a walk, find something that works for you. Plus, exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep are all critical components of physical and mental health, so make sure to make time for those too.

Another way to take care of yourself is to build a support network. You know what they say, it takes a village. So, reach out to family members, friends, or other moms in your community who can offer encouragement, advice, or just a listening ear. Trust me; you're not alone.

Don't be afraid to seek help when you need it. Whether it's from a mental health professional, a childcare provider, or a housecleaning service, asking for help when needed is nothing to be ashamed of. Admitting that you can't do everything alone is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Finding Support

Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough, but finding support can make all the difference. Connect with other moms in your community, and don't be afraid to lean on your partner or spouse. Communication is key, ladies!

If you're feeling overwhelmed or struggling with mental health issues, seek professional support. There's no shame in taking care of your mental health. And don't forget about online resources and communities. There are tons of groups and forums dedicated to stay-at-home moms where you can connect with other moms from all over the world. Just remember not to compare yourself to others or fall into the trap of social media perfectionism.

Embracing Your Role

Being a stay-at-home mom may not come with a fancy title or paycheck, but it's an important and valuable job. Focus on the positive aspects of your experience, and find ways to infuse your own personality and interests into your role. You've got this!

Breathe momma, you've got this!

Enjoying the Journey

Being a stay-at-home mom can be both challenging and rewarding. Savor the moments and find ways to inject some humor and levity into your daily routine. And don't forget to take time for yourself and pursue your own interests and passions. They say that time is a thief, and I know in those non-stop seasons of power struggles, it can seem that time has slowed.

But it's in those tough seasons that you find your strength and renews your relationship with your kiddos. Time will pass, and they will get older, so make sure you don't miss it.

Letting Go of Guilt

Let's be real; mom guilt is a real thing. But it serves no useful purpose. Practice self-compassion, challenge negative self-talk, and recognize the value of your own needs and desires. And remember, letting go of guilt is a process.

When I started blogging, I would find myself feeling guilty about spending time on the computer. I had to learn that it was OK for my kiddos to entertain themselves. I love having quiet time to myself – so why would I limit that for my kids? If I am always right there, when will they ever have their “me time”? So – find something that makes you happy – and be ok with the time you spend doing it.

Embracing Imperfection

Being a stay-at-home mom can be messy and chaotic, but that's okay. Embrace imperfection, practice self-acceptance, and focus on progress, not perfection. Imperfection can actually lead to creativity and growth. And, please, do not compare yourself to other moms on social media. You do you, reach out when you need help, and don't feel ashamed if how you raise your children doesn't match up to someone else's method.

I can't even count the number of times that the imperfect moments of our lives have made us smile and laugh the most. Nobody is perfect. Get better in your terms, and embrace that imperfection!

Seeking Inspiration

Staying curious and engaged can help you stay motivated and fulfilled. Explore your passions and interests, connect with others who share your interests, and seek inspiration from various sources. What inspires you?

Keeping Learning

Don't forget about the importance of continued learning and growth. Read books, take online courses, attend workshops, and model a love of learning for your children. I am the mom of two boys whose genetics do not allow them to read the instructions for new toys (they get that from their dad). However, when they struggle, and I need to help, I pull out the instructions, and we work together to get the toy assembled and working.

Whatever it is that you learn, and however you learn, teach your kids and let them join you!

And that's that…

We hope these tips and suggestions have been helpful in keeping you motivated and fulfilled in your role. Remember, being a stay-at-home mom is a challenging and rewarding experience, but it's important to be kind to yourself, embrace imperfection, and seek out inspiration and continued growth.

As a reminder to be kind to yourself, we've created a set of affirmation cards to help you stay motivated and focused on the positive aspects of your experience. These cards include positive affirmations to help you cultivate self-compassion, gratitude, and resilience. You can download them below by signing up for our email list and using them daily as a reminder to be kind to yourself and stay motivated. Plus, you'll gain access to the Boot Camp Mom Resource library.

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Remember, being a stay-at-home mom is an important and valuable role, and you're doing your best in each moment. Don't be too hard on yourself, embrace imperfection, and seek out inspiration and continued growth. By following these tips and caring for yourself, you can create a rich and fulfilling life as a stay-at-home mom. I hope this helps you know how to stay motivated as a stay-at-home mom!

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