Whether you are a workout enthusiast or just a SAHM who likes the feel of workout clothes, you can quickly build up quite the collection of workout gear. I am not a very physically fit person, but that doesn't mean I don't have a subscription for fitness attire. So, what is the best way to organize workout clothes? Follow along, and we will give you all the tips you need for how to organize workout clothes!

To Hang or Fold Workout Clothes?

Oh, yes, it's the age-old question, to hang or fold workout clothes. Ideally, if you are an avid collector of fitness wear, you should hang as much as possible. The types of fabrics that are used in athletic clothes are best maintained when they are hung. However, if you do not have a giant closet, this can be a little challenging (check out this article on how to organize your closet by category to make space, if needed). In that case, you are going to need to fold them.

But, again, you do not want to be all willy-nilly with your folding. There are proper ways to fold workout clothes. It's also important to note that you should work on decluttering clothes before implementing a workout clothes system. Lay everything out if you need to, but get rid of anything that doesn't fit or that you no longer wear. You can either sell, donate, or trash them.

How to Fold Sports Bras

When folded, sports bras can be stored in a drawer in a “file” position. Think of it as if there were hanging file folders, but they're sports bras. The ideal method is to fold the sports bra in half horizontally and then trifold it into a neat little package. You then put them in your drawer vertically.

I would also like to note that you should try to sort them by colors. It makes finding that matching set so much easier!

How to Fold Sports Bras step by step

How to Fold Leggings

When it comes to how to fold leggings, you want to place them horizontally in front of you. Fold them in half length-wise. Next, fold the ankle holes up to the waistband. Then complete the folding with a tri-fold. Again, those pants will be in a nice little package!

This folding method can work for how to fold running shorts or how to fold athletic shorts. The process is the same, and if you store them by color and in a “file” type system, you'll be able to grab those coordinated sets in no time! And that, my friend, is how you organize leggings!

How to Fold Leggings step by step

How to Organize Workout Clothes in Drawers

As mentioned above, if storing your gym clothes in your dresser, you should aim to fold them so they can be “filed” into your dresser. If you need to use drawer dividers to separate the items, you can. Also, focus on sorting by color as well. If you run out of room in your drawers and you need to implement more workout clothes storage, you can use the folding methods above and then store them in a tote or bin.

This same process can be used if you need to know how to organize sports bras. Simply fold them correctly and place them in a bin or tote in your closet.

"Filing" your workout clothes in drawers will help maximize your space.

How to Hang Workout Clothes

If you have workout tops or tank tops, I suggest hanging them. They should be categorized in your closet, so they are all together and easily findable. When choosing a hanger to use, look for thin-black velvet hangers. These hangers are great at saving space, as well as being nonslip. We don't want any strappy back tops to fall onto the floor.

What About Sweaty Clothes?

You may wonder how to store sweaty gym clothes to avoid a stinky surprise later if you need to run errands or head to work after a workout. Ideally, you want to rinse out the sweat either in a shower or sink. Then you would ring out the clothes and place them on a towel to absorb the moisture. Next, fold the clothes inside the towel and put them in a plastic bag. You can then place them in your gym bag or car, and you should be able to avoid having a stinky mess later.

What Did We Learn?

When folded, athletic clothes can take up a lot of space. However, with a few adjustments to your folding process, you can have a nice and tidy workout drawer in your dresser! If you choose to hang your workout clothes, which is recommended, go ahead and check into thin, black hangers. These will allow you to take up less space and keep your clothes on the hanger with their velvet covering. If you are in a rush after the gym, take the extra 3 minutes to rinse, ring, fold in a towel, and place them in a plastic bag. Trust me – you'll be glad you did!

Now that you know how to organize your workout clothes – you may be interested in how to begin organizing your home? Head to our Declutter and Organize with the Boot Camp Mom Facebook group to learn more!

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