The Holiday Must-Have List!!

Well, hi there! If you are on this page, you have followed the link in the Holiday Prep Boot Camp ebook, course, or the links provided during the LIVE Challenge. Below are a few of my favorite holiday storage solutions. Do not think that you have to buy new storage! If what you have works, but is cluttered, then it will be fine by the time we are done with the challenge!

This handy-dandy case can hold your bags, tissue paper, bows, ribbon, and more, all in an organized and easily accessible way!
If you are like me and buy a lot of new wrapping paper at the end of the holiday season, then you likely need somewhere to store them. This is that somewhere.
So, you've run out of room for your holiday supplies in other areas of your home? Then this under-the-bed storage unit is for you!
Have zero closet space available? Check out this over-the-door storage option for your wrapping supplies!
This is the Cadillac of gift wrap storage solutions and comes with a large price tag. But, would you just look at it?! It can also be used as a craft supply storage option!
If you need a better way to store your holiday figurines, this option might be for you!
Surely you already have some sort of Christmas ornament storage solution, but if you don't, I like this one!
Wreaths. They are beautiful, but they are bulky and seem to never run out of glitter. These storage bags can help keep them all together!

Boot Camp Mom's Go-To Supplies

When it comes to decluttering and organizing, I always like to be prepared. I typically use the same staple supplies to get any decluttering job done. Here are some of my favorites!

Step Stool – When it comes to decluttering and organizing, having a step stool available is always a good idea!
Contractor Trash Bags – If you are in the process of decluttering your home, I recommend these bags. They can hold so much and are easier to move with their big handles!
Ziploc Baggies – I love Ziploc baggies! I use them to store so many different things, especially when an original storage method is no longer an option (hello, playing cards…)
Plastic Storage Bins – I am the type of person who likes each type of toy to have its own dedicated space. These bins help with that!