Helpful Hack – Storing Supplies for Outside Activities

You know those times when your child wants to do a fun activity outside, and you have to work on patience with them while you find all of the supplies?! Those are always so fun. If your child enjoyed the activity and will likely want to do it again, then here's a helpful hack for storing supplies for the next time!

The Scenario

Bodie recently wanted to paint rocks. We were currently participating in the Praise and Reward Day of our Correcting Bad Behavior Boot Camp, and I felt that he had earned the activity. However, I now had to find all of our outdoor painting supplies. These had been tucked away last Winter, and shuffled a few times when I would do a Toy Organization Boot Camp while the boys were gone.

The Issue

I communicated with Bodie that, yes, we would paint rocks, but that I had to get all of the supplies ready. We made a plan – I would gather supplies – and Bodie would use the restroom then wait patiently for me on the couch. And, thanks to the boot camp we were in, he obliged perfectly.

The Outcome

We had a lot of fun painting our rocks! When Bodie was finished we stored all of the supplies into a small plastic container. The container was then placed on a shelf in the garage, and I made sure Bodie acknowledged the location. By showing him and talking about it he can now put them up correctly and find them if mom is unavailable. Just ask him for the “rock painting supplies” and he will lead you right there!

Helpful Hack

Additional Information

I love storage containers. Not anything fancy, just the bulk containers you can buy at the store in multiple sizes. They have lids and they are so useful when it comes to toys! I mean – tell me a time when your kid gets a toy that has one piece to it….

What do you think of storage containers? Do you use them? Let me know below!

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