Welcome to the 3-Day Boot Camp for Correcting Bad Behavior! Let me start by stating that I am a huge advocate for Positive Parenting. However, our children are not going to always respond to this method. When this happens, whether it's talking back, barking orders, or disrespectful behavior, it is vital to correct this bad behavior before it gets worse. This is where the 3-Day Boot Camp for Correcting Bad Behavior comes in!

Participating in the 3-Day Boot Camp for Correcting Bad Behavior will not be easy. There will be tears, tension, and stress. However, it is essential to remember why you are starting the boot camp. The boot camp will enable you to get quick and effective behavioral changes in your child so that you can move on with your positive parenting tactics. Ensure you complete the Prep Work for the Correcting Bad Behavior Boot Camp!

Once you have completed the Prep Work, you will be ready to start Day 1! Day 1 will likely be the most challenging day of the boot camp as your children will push back against a new form of parenting that they aren't used to. This is OK! Stay firm, and know that Day 1 has to be completed to make it to Day 3. Day 1 is Correction Day and will be the attention-grabber you and your child need to move past this Bad Behavior.

Day 2 of the Correcting Bad Behavior is a Communication Day. After you have successfully grabbed your child's attention regarding their bad behavior, it's essential to communicate your expectations for their behavior. While remaining firm on your corrections, you can now implement a warning and more conversations concerning the behavior.

Day 3 of the Correcting Bad Behavior Boot Camp is my absolute favorite day – Praise and Reward Day! You and your child have been on an emotional journey over the last two days, and Day 3 provides a much-needed positive day. By remaining vigilant with your communication concerning their bad behavior, you also get to find as many ways to praise and reward your child!

I hope the 3-Day Boot Camp will work for you and your child just as it has with my children! It's important to remember that you can repeat this boot camp for each unwanted behavior your child starts to display. I documented one of my boot camps to show that I do, in fact, use this process and how it went for us.